Lewes women’s general manager Maggie Murphy would love to have fans at the Dripping Pan again after a successful test event on Sunday.

The Rooks were the first women’s side to allow fans into their ground, as 100 spectators watched them face fellow WSL Championship side London Bees in a friendly.

Murphy hopes that fans will cheer them on again at some point this season.

She said: “We would love to increase the capacity of fans we can have in the ground once it is safe to do so.

“One thing we want to achieve is bringing football back home safely and for fans to get wrapped up in the essence of the game rather than worrying about the rules and regulations that are involved in having them in the ground.

“Despite the crowd we had it was quieter than usual.

“I spoke to some fans who felt with the social distancing and only 100 fans allowed in it was harder to get chants going.”