Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson has backed Neal Maupay over the penalty which caused uproar at the Amex.

The Albion striker was penalised when Harry Maguire’s header glanced off his outstretched arm in the last couple of seconds.

After checking the replay, referee Chris Kavanagh awarded the spot kick from which United secured their 3-2 win.

Hodgson watched that match and had sympathy for Albion.

He is unhappy with changes in interpretation of handball which saw his side concede a spot kick in their own defeat by Everton.

Palace were recipients – and United on the receiving end – of a handball call at Old Trafford the previous week which Hodgson also found hard to fathom.

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He said: “I criticised (the penalty Palace won against Man United) if you remember correctly.

“I don’t think this one was a penalty, and I don’t think the game I watched on TV – before this game started – when Maupay was adjudged to have handled the ball, I didn’t think that was a penalty.

“I think it’s nonsense. I think it’s nonsense when you get one, and I think it’s nonsense when we get one against us.”

He told reporters: “I think it’s only serving a purpose for you guys. You’re looking for discussions and dramatic moments.

“But, for us in football, I find it very, very disappointing that the game we love and believe in is being reduced to this level every week where games are being decided by penalty decisions for handball which are definitely not.

“I’m not suggesting that you don’t want to see a good game as well, all I’m saying is that, unfortunately, instead of the quality of football from the two teams, which was actually very good and probably was worthy of the two teams as well, all of the discussion is going to be about handball or not.”