ALBION right-back Tariq Lamptey admitted that he gets takeaways from his mum whenever he goes home.

The 19-year-old star revealed that every time he visits his family he stocks up on his mother’s home cooking.

Lamptey joked that where other people use Deliveroo he uses “Delivermum".

He said: “That’s one thing I do really miss, my mum’s cooking, when you have that, there’s no better.

“But to be fair, I get takeaway from my mum quite a lot, whenever I’m going back home I’m like ‘right, here’s the boxes, can I have that please’.”

Last week, The Argus reported how Lamptey's parents had helped nurture his childhood passion for football.

Lamptey, who was born in London, opened up about his upbringing during an interview with BBC’s Football Focus.

The former Chelsea youth player said that despite being “quite laid back”, his parents instilled “the right things in me”.

He said: “It doesn’t cost you anything to say please and thank you and as long as you have the politeness it can take you a long way - it might even brighten up someone's day.”