I would like to openly express my thanks to Paul Barber of Brighton and Hove Albion for giving up over 2 hours tonight on a fans Q and A.

On Friday as an Amex season ticket holder I was ready to complain about the current

situation with season ticket money and potential pay per view.

However, following on from a very frank and honest meeting, where questions were

answered fully, I am pleased to say I am confident the club have acted with integrity and thought.

They are in a difficult situation and are trying to balance the needs of the club and fans, trying to ensure openness and fairness. I was impressed at Paul Barber's desire to speak up for the fans and club and the obvious passion he has for a safe return to the Amex.

I was also impressed at his willingness to be frank about a power grab by the top premier teams and his willingness to speak up for clubs of all size. If it is available, I suggest fans listen to the Q and A. It makes you proud to support our local team.

Good luck for the season.

Sarah Matthews

Address supplied