Albion fans with you not being able to return to the Amex at the moment, we asked for your favourite memories of supporting the club.

Thanks to everyone who sent their memories in and here they are:

Clean Sheet:

I think my favourite memory is that Garry Williams' goal that beat Notts Forest in 1979. This made me believe that we could compete in the 1st Division.

Since my Dad carried me into the Goldstone in 1964, for most of my life Brighton has been a 3rd Division club, with the occasional excursion to the 2nd or 4th Divisions.

To break into the proper 1st Division was incredible. Seeing Wardy ghost past defenders, Nobby glaring at the ref and teammates when they made mistakes.

Lawro was bringing the ball out of defense with that ever-present smile on his face. Mosely was trying to look like Pat Jennings.

Fantastic memories of a great time for our club, watching mainly from the North East Terrace, or at clubs in the Midlands where I was based at the time.


Becoming Champions in 1964. First time I walked on the Goldstone turf.

Was Asleep in Dorset:

Winning 4-3 at Withdean to get promoted to the Championship in 2011.

The Argus:

Seeing Vicente, Bobby Zamora and Glenn Murray scoring as and when.

Being part of a 31,000 crowd at the Goldstone to see us win against Darlington in Div4 in the mid-sixties.

Hovewhite ll:

I think and Lee Chapmans (Brighton)scored an own goal of the century finished 2-2 and Leeds charging at the north stand.

I've never seen a stand half-empty as quick and the look on the faces of the remaining fans was priceless.

too old to be wrong After the last game of the 1977/78 season at home. We won the game, but Southampton and Spurs played what many believed was a fixed game which they drew and meant they went up to the old first division and we just missed out finishing fourth.

Never saw so many people in tears at the end of an Albion match and some idiot tore my best pair of flared jeans just to round my day off, but it all turned out OK twelve months later.


Winning 3-2 away to Hartlepool after not winning an away game for about a year in the early nineties and Jimmy Case was in charge.

I remember the long ride up north on my trusty Honda CX500 and the fearsome crosswind on the A1 at one point that made me wonder if I'd get there alive. It was worth it though!

Peter of:

December 1958 as a 12-year-old sitting on the running track at the Goldstone and seeing the Albion beat Fulham 3-0. No health and safety in those days!

Gaz the great:

For me, it still has to be the 3-1 win at Newcastle United in May 79 & the 2nd best memory was either our first ever game in the top flight, a bite we lost to Arsenal 4-0 or the 83 FA Cup final, not the replay however.


At the Goldstone in the 40s in the pouring rain, watching Tommy Lawton score 2 goals for Notts County, one from a free kick.


We played Sheffield Wednesday at home in front of 36,000 at the Goldstone to get promoted, I think to the old Division 2. We won 3-2 (memory a bit fuzzy).

I remember the ref blowing for a foul in injury time and the fans thinking it was the final whistle, invaded the pitch from all four sides.

It looked like curtains being drawn across the pitch.

Those that stayed on the terraces saw what was happening and shouted Off Off Off and it was like the curtains being pulled back again as the fans swept off the pitch.

Most of us invaded the pitch at the end. Memories.

Simon Cooke:

West Ham away at the London Stadium on a Friday night. We won 3-0. Chris Hughton was the Manager. Joining West Ham to see Albion play was a small price to pay for a brilliant evening.

The Stadium was virtually silent but for our away fans right below me.

They sang all night. Albion led very quickly and a peach from Jose Izquierdo doubled the score before half time.

The Argus:

The groans from Hammers fans soon had them on the way home after Glenn Murray added a third from the spot.

On the way home their fans were despondent and feared relegation. This time??