Inessa Kaagman did not realise she had just played her last game for Everton last March.

She walked off the field at Walton Hall Park after a 3-2 defeat versus Manchester United with several games still to go.

But Covid-19 then changed everything.

Tomorrow the Dutch international will be back on the same pitch for the first time – in an Albion shirt.

The coronavirus-enforced shutdown cut short the second of her two seasons with Everton.

She admits the return will be special, even if the aim is to keep the build-up as normal as possible.

Kaagman told The Argus: “I went home in March so it was weird. We said goodbye through Skype and stuff.

“We did like a little closure of the season so it was different but we still got a chance to see each other and say goodbye - but I haven’t seen them since.

“I was already sure in January that I was going to leave.”

Kaagman is best remembered for scoring Everton’s goal of the season two years ago with a 25-yard chip in the derby against Liverpool.

In fact, of the Toffees’ top six goals that season, four were dipping shots from mid-to-long range by Kaagman.

By contract, it was a close-range header which got her off to a flyer with Albion as she helped them open the season with a 2-0 win over Birmingham City.

She said: “It’s quite nice to be off the zero. It’s nice to have some confidence for yourself.

“Personally I want to help the team as much as possible.

“If it’s with goals or with assists, I don’t care.”

Kaagman shares accommodation with Danique Kerkdijk, with whom she will head off for international duty after returning from Merseyside.

She said: “Danique helps me a lot. We get along really well so whenever I need something or don’t know something I can always go to her.”