Despite Eastbourne Borough and Langney Wanderers sharing a ground, only one of them is allowed fans in.

Under the current guidelines, only clubs from step three downwards are allowed 30% of the levels of their FA ground grading, which in Langney’s case at step five is 1,000.

Ground grading is something that the FA put in place to ensure that there is a minimum standard for a stadium at each level.

So to play in step five Langney’s home venue Priory Lane, has to be able to hold 1,000 people.

Borough, who are step two are not allowed any fans.

However, Langney who play in the Southern Combination Premier with the Covid guidelines are still allowed 30% of that 1,000, meaning that they can have 300 fans at their homes games.

And the Sports manager Danny Bloor says his side have found it strange playing behind closed doors.

He said: “Nothing has changed with the rules.

“It is awful, we have had played all our games in front of no fans.

“It is just not the same and I think we have got some of the best fans in Sussex non-league football if not the best.

“So, we are missing them greatly.

“I actually think sometimes that the gate is a home advantage because when you go away you don’t really know what happens.

“Whereas you come to a home game you would say hello to this fan and a chat with this one. But with them not being there it makes playing at home more peculiar.”

He added: “Langney are allowed 300 fans which hurts.

“But I am just the manager of the club, I am not going to make a decision you just get on and do what you are told.

“It is not something our player or management staff enjoy, playing behind closed doors.”