Albion will continue to keep a close check on Adam Lallana.

Head coach Graham Potter said he opted to be cautious during the 1-1 draw with West Brom.

There were suggestions the former Liverpool man might have stayed on for more than hour given how he was playing.

Lallana could start again on Sunday when the Seagulls go to Tottenham.

Potter appeared unhappy at criticism of the timing of Lallana’s exit when he spoke to the media yesterday.

The Seagulls boss was replying to a follow-up question about Lallana after an initial answer about the general issue of more players suffering muscular problems this term.

He said: “From a football level I can look at it and think Adam was doing really well. But, unless I check my contract, my job is manage people here and manage the individuals and manage the team day to day.

“I am not just here to watch a game of football and then just have an opinion on it.

“We have just spoken about injuries and players getting hurt and we try our best to help a guy who has not played much and has a history of things so maybe we went on the side of caution.

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“But I’m not going to apologise for that because there is a bigger picture and more information that I have than what people on the side with their keyboards have.”

Potter said soon after Monday's game that the 60th-minute change was preconceived and was something he would reflect on.

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Earlier in yesterday's media session, he spoke of concern over the increased tally of muscular injuries around the Prem so far this season.

He added: “It’s a challenge. On the one hand, if you look after players and maybe manage their minutes, you can get killed for bringing them off.