Yves Bissouma has been urged to cut out the low moments – by the man he calls his second father.

The Mali international says Graham Potter is like a dad to him as he gives him the reins of the Albion midfield.

Potter has shown a lot of faith in the player brought from Lille in 2018 after leaving home at a young age and progressing through the Jean Marc Guillou Academy in Bamako.

Bissouma’s three goals for the Seagulls have all come away from home, including strikes at Burnley and Everton in 2020.

Potter has regularly urged him to be more consistent and, while that has been achieved to a large degree, he says there is still work to do.

As he spoke to the media yesterday, Potter also alluded to guiding Bissouma in aspects off the pitch and away from matchday.

That perhaps tallies with the players’ own reference to him as a father figure.

The Seagulls boss said: “He has to improve his consistency and how he acts all the time.

“His highest level is very high but his lowest level is a bit too low. He has to manage that and we have to help him with that.

“That is not just a football thing.

“Life would be a lot easier if I just sat there once a week and did not have to worry about human beings or people, or how they act and how they behave.

“But he is a great kid, a great lad, I like him a lot. I love working with him. He’s a fantastic challenge, a fantastic talent and it is my responsibility to get him to that high level more often.

“When I talk about consistency, people need help with that.

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“That is the best bit of this job. When I analyse why I do this job, where I get the most joy out of this job - it is by helping individuals get to the level where they did not think they could get to.

“As part of that you know you are going to get criticism and negativity but that’s what makes it even better when you finally achieve it.”