Robert Sanchez said he had only “good nerves” before his Premier League debut.

The Albion goalkeeper was thrown into the firing line against top Prem scorers Tottenham.

He previously had Football League experience on loan at Forest Green and Rochdale.

Sanchez said: “I was always training hard to get here. I knew 100% yesterday (Saturday) I was playing so I mentalised towards the game.

“I slept well and stuff.

“I don’t really get nerves - always good nerves and try to do my best here, in training, everything .

“So not really bad nerves inside, only good ones.”

Sanchez felt penalty decisions went against Albion at either end of the field.

He added: “It’s a bit disappointing. We could have got some more from this game.

“The penalty that they gave, we’re not happy with it.

“The penalty that should have been given to us, we’re not happy with it.

“A couple of decisions but it’s football, anything could happen.

“But obviously we think we deserved more from this.”