Jurgen Klopp will find some sympathy in the Albion camp over his fixture complaints.

But the Liverpool boss has been told there must be “give and take” to protect football’s income from the broadcasters in tough times.

Klopp’s side take on Atalanta in the Champions League this evening.

They then prepare to play the Seagulls at the Amex on Saturday (12.30pm).

Klopp believes teams playing in Europe on Wednesday should not have to take the Saturday lunchtime spot on BT Sport.

Albion chief executive and deputy chairman Paul Barber said: “I’d love to be playing in the Champions League to have the problem!

“Listen, we’ve got six games in 23 days in December ourselves.

“I think Liverpool, I counted up, may have eight in 28 days.

“Of course, I’ve got sympathy. Jurgen’s got a very tough job, as has Graham Potter, as have all the managers up and down the country in all the leagues.

“It’s a congested fixture programme because we’ve got a condensed season.

“We’ve got a condensed season because we’re going through a pandemic.

“We’re trying as best we can to protect our revenues during the pandemic so that we can protect jobs during the pandemic.

“The only way we can do that is to fulfil our broadcast obligations and our broadcast partners have been supportive and helpful and we’re relying on that income in a period where we haven’t had fans in the stadium.

“So I am sympathetic to Jurgen’s point of view but, in terms of the bigger picture, I think we’re all having to give and take a little bit here and we’ve all got challenges with fixture programmes.

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“Obviously, the most successful clubs, the biggest clubs, have got even more challenges and I understand and respect that.”

Clubs recently agreed to drop pay-per-view and it is thought will push for an increased fee from broadcasters to make up the shortfall.