Former Albion defender Gary Stevens believes that Graham Potter's side were right to take a more direct approach against Liverpool in their 1-1 draw at the Amex on Saturday.

Since Potter took charge of Albion they have been known for trying to play possession-based football and build the attacks from the back.

However, against The Reds they played the ball forward with more urgency in a bid to try and unsettle the visitors early on.

They certainly did that and caused problems for Liverpool especially in the first half with Connolly and his runs in behind their much-changed defense.

Stevens was a pundit for the game on Malaysian TV for Astro SuperSports, alongside ex-Liverpool goalkeeper Brad Friedel.

But Stevens thought the Seagulls slightly different approach to the game against Jurgen Klopp’s side paid off.

He said: “I thought Connolly was a real thorn in Liverpool’s side and I thought that Brighton played a little bit differently to how they usually do.

“To me it seemed a bit more direct, they got the ball forward earlier and by direct I don’t just mean smashing up the pitch, I mean passing the ball forward much earlier.

“We all know about Liverpool’s issues with their back four at the moment given the numbers of players they have out injured.

“So, therefore, it gave potential opportunities for Brighton to exploit some misunderstanding and a lack of cohesion at the back, which I thought they did really well.”

Despite Liverpool being the overwhelming favourites to win the game, Albion managed to secure a well-deserved point.

That means that the Seagulls have now picked up four points from their last two games against teams who are in the top half of the table (Aston Villa and Liverpool).

But Stevens believes Albion have sent out a clear message with those results.

He said: “With Brighton needing some points you look back over their last two games, a win away at Aston Villa and a point at home to Liverpool and you go four out of a possible six points is a very strong statement.

“Because of my punditry role with Astro SuperSports, they always tie you down before the game as to what is your prediction.

“I actually felt Liverpool would probably win the game as most people probably did really. It was a great point for Brighton and I really like the way they play.

“I don’t think they have collected the number of points that the quality of their performances this season have deserved.

“But of course, over the last two games, that averages out at two points a game and if you do that across the season you are right in the mix at the top of the table.”

Albion continue their tough run of games with the visit of Southampton next Monday, followed by a trip to Leicester.

Southampton sit fifth in the table having lost their first game since September yesterday as they were beaten 3-2 by Manchester United.

Leicester sit fourth in the table, but lost 2-1 at home to Fulham this evening.

Despite both Southampton and Leicester’s starts to the season, Stevens believes the Seagulls will go into the game full of confidence, given their recent form.

He said: “You have to look at it positively because you have to look at the points per game between those two matches (Aston Villa and Liverpool).

“That is what it is all about how many points per game you average across the season that is what gets you your final position in the table.

“There are no easy games in this league. There are some that are more difficult than others but there are certainly never any easy matches.”