This time there were no lapses, no slip-ups.

No heart-in-mouth moments.

True, Albion’s fans watching from afar would have been on edge as they watched their side complete a 1-0 win at Leeds.

Yes, Leeds. That happy hunting ground - five wins there now since 2012.

But that tension was because they are Albion fans.

They have seen wins slip away.

They fear the worst.

They know West Brom upped the ante at lunchtime with a win at over-rated Wolves.

So anxiety was natural.

But no neutral observer or Leeds fan would have been on the edge of her or his seat in the closing minutes.

Albion deserved the lead they carved out in some style.

And a rock solid display at the back meant they never looked like letting it slip.

The winning goal was all about movement on and off the ball on a spongy Elland Road pitch.

That soft surface made further examples of such interplay increasingly hard to reproduce. For both teams.

But Leandro Trossard might have increased the lead on two occasions.

What stood out though was how Albion retained composure and organisation as the final minutes ticked away.

The call has been for them to win ugly.

This wasn’t ugly. It was beautiful for those looking on from afar of a blue and white persuasion.

For the way the lead was carved out and, this time, retained.