Three captains at Sussex have been named as champions of the Sussex Cricket Foundation.

Men’s Captain Ben Brown, Women’s Captain Georgia Adams and visually impaired captain Dan Field are to become the Foundation’s official representatives.

The trio will be involved in community activities and raising the profile of fundraising efforts. They will also be part of Sussex cricket foundation events and visits.

This is a push to help inspire people to get involved in cricket. It will provide a link between the Foundation and the elite dressing room.

The trio have all seen the work the Foundation can provide for the community.

Captain of the Women’s team, Adams said: “I’m so excited to get involved in the community and encourage people to play the game and love the game in the way we do.

I can’t wait to get involved in some of the local events and hopefully inspire some of the younger generation to take up cricket.”

Field has previously received support during his development and is looking forward to giving back.

He said, “It’s a massive honour. Sussex have been amazing and provided a huge amount of support for me to play blind cricket for a long time now.

“They’ve created an opportunity for me and for a lot of other people across the county not just to have really successful blind cricket careers, but to make a lot of life-long friends and to have some amazing experiences.”

Brown is proud to be part of the Foundation and wants to help the local community.

Brown said, “If we can use our positions as captains of the club to benefit the local community and spread Sussex Cricket throughout the county to do some good, then that’s got to be a great thing.”

“I’m really pleased to be able to represent the players as a whole. Part of the role is to try and get the players to really engage in the community and make a difference to people’s lives at the end of the day.”

Gary Wallis-Tayler, Susses Cricket’s community cricket director, has praised the three captains and is excited to work with the trio.

He said: “To have three high-profile players supporting our initiatives will help raise the profile of the Foundation across the county as well as raising awareness amongst our professional playing staff. I am excited to work with all three in the future in what is an exciting time ahead for cricket.”