Eastbourne Eagles have thanked loyal supporters and sponsors for keeping them on track.

The Arlington outfit are increasingly confident they will return to racing this year in the second-tier SGB Championship.

Their entire 2020 campaign was wiped out by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Not all teams will make it back to tapes this year with Swindon and Somerset both opting out.

Fixtures have been released for 2021 and Eagles have confirmed their line-up to start the season, which is the same as would have raced last year.

Meetings are likely to be all-ticket – with those tickets purchased in advance.

Eagles’ speedway director Ian Jordan said: “The support of our sponsors in allowing us to retain funding that had been paid before the cancelled 2020 season for 2021 or a commitment to help if they can and the truly humbling support of season-ticket holders in rolling over those tickets has, to put it bluntly, enabled us to continue returning in 2021.

“We are increasingly positive about being able to start the season in the late spring.

“All 2021 matches will probably be strictly all-ticket with advance payment prior to the event to comply fully with Covid-19 regulations.”

Capacity is likely to be limited for at least the first few fixtures.

Those season ticket holders who allowed their payments for 2020 to roll over will receive priority.

Arlington has not staged speedway since September 28, 2019.

May 1: Sussex Championship (h, 7.30pm).

16: Berwick (h, 7.30pm).

19: Birmingham (a).

22: Newcastle (h, 5pm).

25: Kent (a, Cup).

29: Poole (h, 7.30pm).

June 6 Kent (h, Cup).

11: Scunthorpe (a).

12: Edinburgh (h, 7.30pm).

25: Glasgow (a).

27: Leicester (h, 5pm).

July 2: Redcar (a).

4: Glasgow (h, 5pm).

6: Plymouth (a).

7: Poole (a).

13: Kent (a).

24: Scunthorpe (h, 7.30pm).

31: Plymouth (h, 7.30pm).

August 7: Birmingham (h, 7.30pm).

14: Leicester (a).

21: Redcar (h, 7.30pm).

27: Edinburgh (a).

28: Berwick (a).

29: Newcastle (a).

September 4: Kent (h, 7.30pm).

5: 90th Anniversary Meeting (3.30pm).