Shane Duffy has been subjected to horrific sectarian abuse on Instagram by a lout who also taunted him over the passing of his father.

The on-loan Albion defender shared the disgusting abuse on his story after the yob made some sickening comments, branding the Irishman a 'fenian ugly b******' and saying 'you're f***ng s*** you c***'.

The Instagram idiot also ended the private message with a final taunt, adding: "Haha ur dads dead'.

He also said: 'Go in the bar and sing another song you fenian disabled c***', referencing a viral video which was shared last year of Duffy being serenaded in a pub.

The Argus:

Duffy posted the message, captioning it: "There's abuse which is fine but surely there's a limit nah", with a shrugging shoulders emoji.

It comes in the wake of manager Neil Lennon being critical of keyboard warriors after fellow Irishman James McClean was sent death threats and sick messages on Instagram.

Lennon said: "These social media platforms don't display any accountability or look after the people who are on the end of this constant abuse, whether it be racial, whether it be sectarian, whether it be personal, whether it be social.

"It is a real poison in modern day society and it is more prevalent in football because it is so much more public and out there. It is disgusting.

"I'm fed up talking about it now because nothing gets done.

"It is time these people get named and shamed and dealt with by the police and the courts.

"Because it is totally unacceptable - almost as if it is alright to do it now."

Instagram have confirmed they are investigating the matter and Celtic have been contacted for comment.