Mark Wright has been added to the latest instalment of the video game FIFA – but is the joint-worst player on the game.

The former Towie star signed his first professional contract with Crawley Town in December last year at the age of 33.

But after enjoying the heady heights of a debut win, Mark has been brought back down to earth with a bump after being one of five players with an overall rating of 47 on FIFA 21 – the lowest on the game.

The next-lowest-rated Crawley player on the game is Archie Davies with 53.

An average League Two player is rated 62.

Mark has been given a one-star rating for his weak foot, as well as 'low' defensive and attacking work-rates.

He has taken to Twitter to joke that he plans to switch to the other football video game, Pro Evolution Soccer, writing: "RUDE - I’m switching back to Pro Evo."

Mark is making a last-ditch attempt to forge a professional football career with Crawley Town having been a member of Tottenham Hotspur academy as a youngster. 

But he revealed his hopes of breaking into the first-team were dashed after he gained weight during a holiday in Spain when aged 18. 


Speaking in a BBC TV programme, Mark said: "“The day I got released from Tottenham was one of the worst days of my life. I cried my eyes out, realised I messed up.

“I didn’t want to face my family, didn’t want to face my friends. I was embarrassed."

Mark had a brief spell at Southend United before quitting the professional game and playing in non-league football until he joined Crawley last year.