We asked four long-time Albion fans for their thoughts on the team’s efforts at Old Trafford.

And, of course, we could not resist canvassing opinion on THAT penalty incident.

They were unanimous on that one….

What were your thoughts on Albion’s performance?

Colin Beales: A decent performance marred by the lack of at least a point that our play probably deserved.

James Heasman: In many ways a classic ‘game of two halves’. Our shape in the first half was very good and we held a good line, enabling us to play and break as a team unit. The second half we sat deeper and, as a consequence, our forwards were very isolated. United also made the pitch very wide, which resulted in our three defenders being pulled out of position. However, a good performance but frustrating result.

Alan Brownings: A good performance again and one that deserved more. For a split second I started to believe the Old Trafford hoodoo would finally be broken. Instead that’s now 20 points from winning positions, ouch!

Tim Ayling: Classic game of two halves. We were excellent first half but didn't show enough attacking intent in the second half. United were obviously much better, but we were a little too passive. Deserved a point though.

Who was your pick of the Albion players?

Colin Beales: Lallana for me was the key man in midfield again. Very classy player, hope we get to see him live before too long.

James Heasman: I thought Bissouma and Dunk were outstanding, but Lallana was superb again and would get my vote.

Alan Brownings: There were lots of good performances again but it’s hard to pick one. I have a sense Ben White had a good game, but I can’t necessarily say why I’ve gone with him.

Tim Ayling: Maupay had his best game for a long time, Bissouma and Lallana looked a class above, and Dunk was excellent.

Thoughts on the Welbeck ’penalty’ incident?

Colin Beales: The morning after and I'm still fuming. I feel if it were the other way around it would definitely be given. The lack of consistency with VAR is disappointing.

James Heasman: Clear penalty. Another Mike Dean error. If VAR was supposed to aid officials it has failed. Welbeck is impeded, and as a result is stretching to get to the ball, as soon as Maguire pulled/held on his shoulder it is a foul. If it had been in the Brighton penalty area I am fairly certain it would have been given.


Alan Brownings: I had to watch this one on my iPad, so on a 10in screen it looks a penalty all day long! My son Bradley was also raging that he was the last man, although I think a red card as well may have been harsh!

Tim Ayling: At the other end of the pitch that's a penalty 90% of the time. Against United, it's a penalty 10% of the time. Exactly the kind of bias that VAR was meant to stop.