Sussex legend Chris Adams can help the county in the new season.

The Championship-winning skipper was at Hove yesterday and spoke to players.

Yasir Arafat, who helped Sussex win the C&G Trophy in 2006, was also present.

Coaches Ian Salisbury and James Kirtley aim to “Sussexify” the squad going into the new campaign, which starts tomorrow.

They will be delighted to tap into the expertise offered by former players, very much on an informal basis.

Salisbury told The Argus: “They were here because they are passionate about being Sussex cricketers. It’s another set of eyes.

“They both work at schools but they are on Easter holidays and have offered their time free of charge.

“We want to get ex-cricketers re-engaged with the club and they have got so much to offer.

“They were welcomed by (captain) Ben Brown, who did a beautiful speech.


“He said he was quite daunted because he used to listen to Chris Adams give a talk on final preparation day.

“But watching them interact with players, Sussex can only benefit from that.

“It will be quite nice if Ben Brown can be just a call or a text away from Chris Adams if he wants some advice.

“Or look at Yasir’s experience and what he can offer.



“Our players want to come in and learn. We want to give them that opportunity and I don’t think we are too precious to have people around.

“We can get feedback as coaches on the environment we are creating. I don't see why you wouldn’t do it.”

Adams and Arafat both went through full Covid protocols before talking to the squad.