We asked these long-time Albion fans for their views on the 0-0 draw with Everton.

And we took their thoughts on whether Yves Bissouma will still be at the club next season.

1. What were your thoughts on Albion’s performance?

Colin Beales: Not the most entertaining of games or best of Albion performances, but one that we were the better of the two teams. Unfortunately some of our old habits of missing the target were back to haunt us although Everton probably deserve some credit for a host of decent blocks in dangerous positions. All-in-all happy with a point against a team pushing for Europe that shows how we are now pushing on.

Tim Ayling: It was back to being a typical Brighton performance. Good on the ball, solid at the back, dominant in midfield, light up front. I was slightly baffled that we waited 84 minutes for a sub when it clearly wasn’t Maupay’s night. We had options on the bench and didn’t use them.

Alan Brownings: A very good point in the end. Fulham probably need eight more points from their last six games now, hopefully one more win will be enough for the Albion.

2. Who was your pick of the Albion players?

Colin Beales: Not just pick off the Albion, but best man on the pitch by a mile was Bissouma. When he’s on it, he’s on it!

Tim Ayling: Bissouma and Lallana were comfortably the best players on the pitch, and the back three were excellent. Trossard became a threat in the second half.

Alan Brownings: Lots of good performances, notably Bissouma, but I think I’ll go with Moder as he really does look like he has massive potential.

3. Would you expect Bissouma to be an Albion player next season ?

Colin Beales: In an ordinary summer I would be thinking it likely that one of Europe’s elite would come and invest in him. This year because of covid it might just help us get another season out of him as I can’t imagine Bloom will sell him cheap and I’m unsure the amount of money that will flow this summer given the impact to revenues through the pandemic.


Tim Ayling: I think that depends on the state of the transfer market. If a club offers £50 million he will be gone - maybe over £40 million. I don’t think Bloom is in a rush to sell him though, so if teams aren’t paying big fees this summer then he will stay. I think it also depends whether the club are going to try to address the gaping hole up-front by selling an asset to afford a new striker. It is a risk as there’s no guarantee spending £40 million on a striker will work out, but £40-50 million for Bissouma is a fair price and I don’t think Bloom will want to stand in his way at that price.

Alan Brownings: I hope so. I think he has room to further develop with the Albion, but if he goes for big money then we should be prepared to spend that on somebody who can put the ball in the net.