Well, we can’t say we were not warned.

Adrian Durham, Talksport’s outspoken afternoon presenter, told us he would be singing on his show last week.

Actually, it never quite came to that. He never sang along to the music which was played. He just shouted at the end.


Durham was telling his listeners about the song which used to boom out from the stands at the Amex in praise of Albion’s midfielder.

Along with sidekick Darren Gough, he spent a couple of minutes heaping praise on the popular No.8.

Then, as the music came around a second time, the two of them did the “Bissouma!” thing again.

When you follow Albion, that much high level exposure for one of their players on prime time national media still comes as surprise But perhaps it should not have done.

Yves Bissouma is one of the most talked about players in the Premier League at the moment.

Admittedly, most of that talk is about him leaving Albion for huge money and joining one of the biggest clubs in the land.

An impressive performance against Everton last Monday – probably his best for several weeks – has reignited that talk.

John Barnes and Jamie Redknapp have both been widely quoted in recent days saying he could do a job for Liverpool.

Durham’s argument was that he could play for any Prem club.

That he was just what Manchester United need. Or he could go on to play for Manchester City as an upgrade on Rodri.

City would be a dream move for Bissouma, who spoke on his arrival at Albion in 2018 of how Yaya Toure had inspired him.

In an exclusive interview, he told The Argus: “I admire Paul Pogba but I’m Yves Bissouma, simple as that.

“I watch players like Pogba, who I really like. But my favourite player is Yaya Toure.

“He is a great example for me, the top. He inspires me a lot.

“We play the same role. We play the same position.

“I watch a lot of matches and if I see he isn’t in the team I’m disappointed. He is my example.”

Bissouma is a bubbly, cheerful and infectious character, all of which came across in that first interview.

But he has projected himself as a Premier League star by reining himself in.

By keeping it simple, doing the covering and defensive work required in his current role.

Being selective with his shooting (to the point where he could actually shoot a bit more often).

That day when he found a bewildering number of ways in which to lose possession – in an FA Cup tie at home to Sheffield Wednesday which saw him replaced a half-time – seems a long time ago.

We have always known what he can do at this best. He has always been popular.

That song caught on very quickly –before his performances actually merited such recognition.

It may well be that his big breakthrough came in two successive starts 15 weeks apart.

The last game before lockdown and the first game after it.

Bissouma was handed the midfield role at Wolves last March and produced his strongest Prem performance up to that point.

“I thought it was the best performance I’ve seen from him,” Potter told The Argus after that game in a packed media room at Molineux.

“He won a lot of balls back and physically he is in a good place.

“He will get better and better the more he plays.

“He makes good decisions, and he has the quality that top players have to take an extra touch.

“It’s a fine line but he has got the power and athleticism and technical quality to deal with the ball and then it’s just the tactical understanding, which I think he has developed and he is playing at a good level.”

The chance to quickly kick on from that did not come as football was halted.

Then, 105 days later, he went out against Arsenal at an empty Amex and did it all again.

The away game before Wolves, a 1-1 draw at Sheffield United, was also important.

On his first start since that game against Wednesday he got off to a chaotic start, committed an early foul, was booked inside ten minutes, looked like an accident waiting to happen – and then settled into a very mature display.

He was the man fouled when Albion equalised via a free-kick.

All that has been taken on this season after a changing of the midfield guard.

No more Dale Stephens. A player Albion had fought tooth and nail to keep in the past was allowed to join Burnley.

Davy Propper has faded from the picture. His time in the Seagulls midfield appears to be pretty much over.

Absences early in the season were down to illness and injury but he has been available for enough games now to suggest he is not what Potter really wants.

One waits to see how the transfer market plays out this summer after the financial impact of Covid.

There has always been speculation about Bissouma landing a big move, dating back to his time at Lille.

But this time there seems more reason to believe it can happen.

“You looked at him and thought he really does look like a top-quality player,” ex-Liverpool star Carragher told Sky Sports viewers after the 0-0 draw with Everton.

“He was excellent at Old Trafford as well last time out and he just looked head and shoulders above everyone on the pitch.


“He’s been someone a lot of teams have looked at or talked about. I don’t think teams will be looking at him, I think teams will be bidding for him.

“I know Brighton fans will be saying, ‘Why you trying to sell one of our players?’ but I think you would get top dollar for him.”

Barnes suggested Liverpool look at him as a successor to Georginio Wijnaldum and Gary Lineker has hailed him as “exceptional”.


If Bissouma starts at Chelsea tomorrow he will – just after the half-hour mark - reach a point where his Premier League playing time is double that of last season in terms of minutes.

He has already started 28 league games this term having previously never gone beyond 17 for Albion or Lille.

He was Sky’s man of the match against Everton.

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The more stats-based website whoscored.com have him second behind only Solly March in their Albion ratings for the season but have never given him a man of the match, which underlines Potter’s belief that he is becoming more about consistency than highs and lows.

There is talk among Albion fans as to who, among current staff, could replace him in midfield.

Moises Caicedo is seen by many as the new Bissouma in waiting although it is still quite early days for him in England.

Don’t forget Jakub Moder is a central midfielder, although he has been used out wide so far.

Will Moder step into his more familiar role should Bissouma go?

Steven Alzate reached a certain level of development and then seemed to plateau so would there be a stage for him in there?

Albion have two international midfielders out on loan.

Does Jayson Molumby return from what appears an up-and-down time at Preston with a big role to play?

And what about Tudor Baluta? It remains to be seen what plans are for him or how good he is.

Injury and Covid ruined what should have been a very beneficial year at Dynamo Kyiv.

There is no doubt Teddy Jenks is a very bright prospect in the under-23s.

That is in a different type of midfield role to Bissouma at the moment but we know Potter has no problems asking players to adapt their games if he thinks they can cope.

One would have thought Jenks’ next stop would be a high quality loan move. The same with Jensen Weir.

But do not under-estimate Potter’s faith in youth.

For now there seems to be a belief among many Seagulls followers that they should enjoy Bissouma while he is here, which might only be for a few weeks now.

He hasn’t gone yet. He might not go at all this summer.

But, as the transfer window nears, expect to hear ex-players and media figures alike singing his praises.

Even if they don’t actually sing.