Albion head coach Graham Potter believes a lack of relegation goes against his beliefs.

That is after plans were announced yesterday for a European Super League where the founding members cannot be relegated.

The competition will include six Premier League sides in Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United.

But Potter, who is involved in a battle to stay in the top flight with Albion believes the competition would go against his beliefs

He said: "I would have to say yes of course because sport is about the consequences of failure and the possibility of success. 

"I can speak on both things as we are experiencing the concerns of relegation now, but at the same time when I was at Ostersunds we had the dreams of Champions League and somehow getting that type of moment against the big sides.

"So generally yes I would have to agree."

Apart from that Potter was not too keen to open up too much on the consept of the competition.

He said: “To be honest, I haven’t read into it too much. Of course the headlines are there, they are disturbing and they are things for us to consider.

“I have just been preparing for the game against Chelsea.

“I am pretty sure the chairman and Paul Barber will speak in terms of the club’s position and that’s pretty much where I’m at the moment.”