Albion head coach Graham Potter believes clubs will need to remain vigilant if they are to prevent competitions like the European Super League (ESL) from going ahead.

The so-called ‘top six’ sides in the Premier League pulled out of the ESL late on Tuesday night after a massive backlash.

That included hundreds of supporters protesting outside Stamford Bridge ahead of Chelsea’s goalless draw with the Seagulls on Tuesday.

However, the clubs who had signed up could still face Premier League sanctions.

Seagulls chief executive Paul Barber called for ‘appropriate action’ to be taken against the clubs involved yesterday morning.

But despite the ESL looking unlikely to go ahead, Potter says clubs will need to be vigilant.

He said: “I think we have to remain vigilant because whilst you have got each of these clubs, they are private companies, with billionaire investors that may not be worrying about how much responsibility they have for the football pyramid.

“They may just be worried about the share prices and the performance of the company.

“So, we have to keep focused, keep reminding people of how important it is for competition to exist, that consequences exist and you can’t create franchise systems in European football.

“It goes against everything we have stood for 150 years and whilst it might work in other countries I don’t think it works over here.”