Battered and bruised Graham Potter reported no new injuries for Albion today – apart from himself.

The head coach was sporting nasty bruising below his eye as he spoke to the media via Zoom.

He revealed he tripped and fell into a railing while walking at the beach.

But he was smiling again as he took questions ahead of the Seagulls’ trip to Sheffield United on Saturday.

Potter said: “I’d love to be able to tell you there is a heroic, chivalrous story here and I could make myself look really good.

“Unfortunately I just missed my footing walking on steps and then went crashing into a metal railing.

“I’ve got a bit of whiplash on my back and I look a little bit better, so the lady upstairs yesterday tells me, in terms of looking a bit more rugged and handsome!"

Potter said he could not even blame the fall on any liquid refreshment he might have been enjoying in the sun.

He added: “I can’t blame it on anything. I was looking for somewhere I could shelter on the beach from some wind and missed my footing, missed my step, wasn’t thinking.

“I probably had too much on my mind from the last couple of days!

“Thankfully I only hit my cheek and my eye, it could have been a lot worse."

Potter, a battle-hardened defender in his playing days, needed three stitches.

But he saw the funny side as he spoke about the mishap.

He said: "Thankfully the club doctor was in the vicinity and stitched it up.

“I am not great with needles, so I was pathetic as a patient!”