Graham Potter says he would go insane if he tried to work out how many points Albion need for Premier League survival.

The Seagulls head coach revealed he has never been one for setting point targets.

And he is not about to start now.

Albion are seven clear of 18th-placed Fulham with five games to go and nine ahead West Brom.

They are also healthily-placed in terms of goal difference.

Asked how many points Albion still need, Potter replied: "I have no idea.

"I can drive myself pretty insane by trying to guess it. My focus is just on the weekend.

"We are playing Leeds United who are enjoying a very good season, they're in a good place, a good moment.


"You can't worry about what other people do or second guess other things are going to happen.

"You can't rely on other people. All you do is your very best and focus on our performance."

A win over Leeds would force Fulham to take 11 points from their last five games, starting at Chelsea early on Saturday evening.

The Cottagers could benefit from the fact their West London rivals are in the middle of a delicarely poised Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid.

West Brom do not play until Monday, when they host arch rivals Wolves.

Potter is keen for his side to take care of their own business.

He said: "I'm confident in the team and confident in what we're doing.

"Whilst you haven't got the points you have to respect the fact that it's football and anything can happen.

"There's lots of points to play for and everybody's going to keep going to the very end. We have to do the same.”