MEMBERS of a football club are taking to the skies to take part in a fundraiser to help stop breast cancer in women.

Five members of Lewes FC Women are preparing for a sponsored skydive to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Breast Cancer UK (BCUK), a charity focused on the prevention of breast cancer.

Board directors Claire Rafferty and Karen Dobres, general manager Maggie Murphy and captain Rhian Cleverly and vice-captain Ellie Hack, will jump from the plane to raise much-needed funding.

Maggie, Ellie and Karen have all been directly affected by breast cancer. The club captain and vice-captain have both lost family members to the disease.

Vice-captain Ellie is jumping in memory of her nan who died from the disease aged 50 and captain Rhian lost her cousin four years ago.

The Argus: Ellie Hack, Vice Captain, with a T-shirt commemorating her Nan.Ellie Hack, Vice Captain, with a T-shirt commemorating her Nan.

She said: “‘My cousin Karen passed away after fighting breast cancer. She was recognised as the Best Groom in the World, looking after horses that won Olympic and World Championships.

“Her dedication to her sport and selfless attitude throughout her illness makes her a great role model for me and Lewes FC. So, I’m plucking up the courage to skydive with her in mind”.

The skydive will take place on June 26, during Breast Cancer Prevention Week. During the prevention week, starting on June 21, BCUK will be posting blogs from a range of influencers, policymakers and health campaigners.

Karen said: “I’m delighted to be jumping out of a plane for Breast Cancer UK and celebrating their work.

“Both my mum and my sister have suffered from this disease, but thankfully recovered. I can’t think of a better reason to skydive.”

The Argus: Rhian Cleverly, Lewes Captain, practising jumping out of a plane.Rhian Cleverly, Lewes Captain, practising jumping out of a plane.

Breast cancer is a disease in which cells in the breast grow out of control. BCUK work with scientists who research how cancer-causing chemicals increase the risk of breast cancer.

BCUK believe that prevention is possible and can be achieved through research.

Elinor Dorrell, fundraising manager at BCUK, said: “We’re very grateful to Lewes FC. We really appreciate their support and bravery – no surprise of course from the first club in the world to empower women equally to men.”

Donate to Lewes Fc Women’s fundraising page at