Ben White has been backed to take Euro 2020 in his stride.

Just as he has every challenge he has come across since first being tipped for England four years ago.

The Albion defender is part of Gareth Southgate’s 26 for the forthcoming tournament.

He was confirmed as replacement for the injured Trent Alexander-Arnold yesterday.

White, capped in two recent friendlies, has stepped out of his comfort zone during loans at Newport, Peterborough and Leeds and now in an impressive debut Premier League season.

He has looked at home with England during wins over Austria and Romania.

Albion academy boss John Morling, who has overseen White’s development through the age groups, told The Argus: “It looks like he has been there for a long while. That’s how he is as a person.


“He isn’t fazed by anything - or he appears not to be.

“In order to play how we want to play, you can’t be fearful of having the ball. He can’t be fearful of making mistakes.

“You want players to always be on it, you want players to make things happen.”

Newport boss Michael Flynn tipped White as a future England international early in the 2017-18 campaign, when he had gone to the League Two outfit for the season.

Morling said: “I was really happy to hear it at the time. When players go on loan, there is a bit of uncertainty as to how they will do.

“You always think they will do well but, when someone says that, you KNOW he is doing well.

“He just took to it - probably like he did on Sunday.”