Rising Eastbourne Eagles star Tom Brennan has been backed for a world final spot.

The 19-year-old from Hassocks stepped in as reserve in a Grand Prix qualifying semi-final at Glasgow and scored a stunning nine points from four races.

A fifth outing might have seen him qualify by right for the GP challenge, from which the top three clinch places on the circuit for next year.

His former Eagles team manager Connor Dugard said: “Take a bow, Tom Brennan. Surely a wild card spot for World Under-21s has got to be on the cards.”

Brennan had to withdraw from the World Under-21s recently recently due to quarantine concerns around his qualifying meeting in Germany.

Eagles racer Lewi Kerr took part in the meeting, less than two weeks after suffering a broken collarbone in the home win over Kent.

But he admitted it was tough going as he scored six points.

Eastbourne Seagulls saw both scheduled fixtures over the weekend called off due to the weather.

The club were particularly disappointed by a relatively late call-off at Mildenhall today.

Eastbourne director Ian Jordan revealed that captain Richard Andrews, who lives near Exeter, has already travelled 200 miles before being turned back.

He added: “Danno Verge had caught a 6.30am ferry from the Isle of Wight.

“It's always a difficult call to make with rain-offs and how early or late you make that decision."