ENGLAND'S progression out of the group stages has caused plenty of optimism for football fans.

The Three Lions' victory over the Czech Republic means they have topped their group and are now in the round of 16. Gareth Southgate's men will now have to play one of Germany, Portugal, France or Hungary in the next game.

Even though the football has not been thrilling with the team only scoring two goals in three games; fans are enjoying the tournament with some beginning to think the team has a chance of winning the Euros.

Liam Middleton, an England fan, said: "We have only scored two goals so far, but we have not conceded yet, and that is a big positive.

"The record is great on paper, but they still need to step up in the next round. If they do, then maybe we could have a chance of winning the whole thing."

Fans have also been enjoying the togetherness in the country that the Euros have brought, especially after a year of lockdowns and Covid-19.

Tinashe Kangira was born in Zimbabwe but has lived in England for 14 years and is now a Three Lions fan.

The Argus: Tinashe Kangira is enjoying the unity of the competitionTinashe Kangira is enjoying the unity of the competition

He said: "The Euros have been incredible as we have been locked down for so long, and it has really brought a sense of unity."

Students Jacob Collins and Matthew Morrin are not the biggest football fans, but when an event such as the Euros comes around, they can't help but get caught up in the excitement.

Jacob said: "Everyone is out drinking, and there is that sense of togetherness.

"I'm not much of a football fan, I much prefer rugby, but when these events come round, it is fantastic how it brings the country closer together."

Matthew said: "It's amazing how the whole country can get behind this one thing, especially after the last year, where we have been kept apart from one another."

Pubs are getting booked up in Brighton and Hove ahead of the next game.

The Argus: Caleb Remnant, a barman at the Fiddler's ElbowCaleb Remnant, a barman at the Fiddler's Elbow

Caleb Remnant, a barman at the Fiddlers Elbow in Boyce's Street, Brighton, said: "It's been hectic. We were fully booked for the game against the Czech Republic.

"The business has been doing well. Seeing customers return after a tricky year has been great.

"So far, everyone has been really well behaved, which has made the whole of the Euros really enjoyable so far."