IT’S time to get behind England.

Yes we can still improve. That will always be the case. Of course England could have played better against Scotland. But if you believed all the pundits and naysayers after that match apparently Scotland are world beaters and England are no hopers. So wrong. The Three Lions got through with a game to spare and Scotland got a point. Incidentally, England came closest to scoring in that match, hitting the crossbar.

Sussex boy Gareth Southgate has been looking at the science and at who wins football tournaments. He has a careful approach but according to recent history in these big tournaments, careful can be fruitful.

We are still exciting to watch at times and it is not as if we are making the big break from attacking flair that so upset the Brazil fans when they changed tack decades ago.

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The people we have been talking to out enjoying the matches are already getting great pleasure from the European campaign. So it has already been successful in giving us something other than the pandemic to think about.

The beautiful game has already done a beautiful thing.

Let’s not forget the failures under Fabio Capello and Roy Hodgson. Remember losing to Iceland at Euro 2016? Let’s not go there.

Believe in Gareth.