David James donned a Whitehawk shirt and went up front on the club’s Community Day.

The former England goalkeeper attended the TerraPura Ground as Hawks kickstarted things for the new season.

He was publicising Football Rebooted, which encourages people to pass on used football boots and trainers to families who cannot afford new pairs.

He also judged a colouring competition, spoke to fans and played in a match between supporters of Hawks and Guernsey.

Hawks fan Kam Manik, 33, said: “I’m feeling good, it was enjoyable to see David James play for both teams.

“It’s always good to win so there’s no complaints.”


Commenting on his own performance, Manik said: “I thought I was amazing for the minutes I played. However it may be time to hang up the boots!”

Captain of Whitehawk Fans, Simon Oddsnevens, 56, added: “I wasn’t happy with my performance for the time I was on, but it wasn’t about me, it’s about the club and community coming together.

“In January 2020 we took nearly 100 people from Brighton over to Guernsey and we got on really well.

“The idea was to bring the two teams together and introduce people to what grassroots football is about.”

Asked whether the club was looking at signing up James on a more permanent basis, he said: “You never know.

“Anything can happen. Watch this space!”