Brendan Rodgers has revealed how a commanding first-half catch by Robert Sanchez played a part in two disallowed goals.

The Leicester boss felt at least one of the efforts ruled out should have stood as his side lost 2-1 to Albion.

Harvey Barnes was flagged offside on each occasion as he stood in front of Sanchez.

Leicester gave Barnes that role after a first-half corner which Sanchez caught unopposed before launching a quick counter-attack.

Rodgers revealed: "Harvey was doing what we had asked him to do.

"The goalkeeper is one who comes and can really dominate.

"You have seen one example in the first half when we didn’t do it.

"He came and collected it and put them away."

Rodgers said of the disallowed goals: “The first one, I can see a little bit.

“It was similar to (Leiester’s game at) Norwich, the type that comes in, it’s in the middle of the goal, I think the keeper thinks that Jannik (Vestergaard) is going to head it and he misses it so it catches him by surprise.

“I think he can see the ball but I can maybe see why on that one Barnsey is half blocking him.

“But definitely on the second one, the ball comes in, Barnes is moving out, everything’s in front of the goalkeeper, he can see it, it’s just a great leap and a great header and at no time has he ever blocked the view of the keeper.

“The keeper is 6ft 5in or whatever he is and he’s seen it all the way.

“It was just a great header so I think today we just never had the luck on our side with those decisions and I think ultimately that cost us.”

Rodgers was unhappy with a penalty awarded for handball by Vestergaard.

He said: “Probably like everyone, I think the first one was never a penalty and I was disappointed with the process in terms of how that was given but I think it was clear that it wasn’t a penalty.


“Jannik has been fouled, he’s been pulled down and of course his arm is up because he’s been fouled and then the ball heads onto his hand without even looking at it.

“It was a very, very harsh decision and like I said the process, the fourth official didn’t see it, the referee had given a corner, the linesman who was quite a way away gave it and then obviously for it not to be looked at by Stuart (Attwell, referee) was disappointing so I didn’t think it was a penalty.”