Neal Maupay has been told he can keep improving as he heads to what has been a hit-and-miss venue.

The Albion striker scored at Crystal Palace two seasons ago but wasted a couple of great openings there last term.

He has three goals for the season going into tomorrow’s Selhurst Park trip.

Asked what Maupay needed to do to kick on, Albion boss Graham Potter said: “He needs to stay on the path he is on.

“To understand challenges of PL and isn’t always easy to succeed.

“It’s easier to stay in the Championship and score 20 or 30 goals a season.

“That isn’t so easy in the Premier League.

“He is learning to contribute in and be a part of the team if he’s not scoring.

“I think he’s done that better and better playing in this league.

“Like anything, with experience, reflection, learning, he becomes better player.”

Potter highlighted the role Maupay plays along with goalscoring.

He said: “He often leads press, sets that off, works back, links up play, and there’s a lot more to his game than just scoring.

“But he’s a one-in-three scorer here and that’s not bad at all. “He’s a human being, not always perfect. Like the rest of us.


“He has that prolific mentality but that can also mean when not scoring, you become your own worst enemy.

“You have to understand that challenge because even the best go though periods when they are not scoring.

“It’s about perspective and this comes with age but he’s an intelligent person.”