ALBION fans and Crystal Palace supporters have united to take a stand against the use of the term A23 Derby to refer to the rivalry between the two sides.

Fans of both teams have taken to social media to mock the use of the term to describe the long-standing rivalry between the two sides.

Some commentators and pundits have taken to using the term - much to the annoyance of many Albion and Palace fans.

Although there is no love lost between the two sides, this appears to be something that both sets of supporters can agree on.

Ahead of tonight's match, Albion fan Ryan Adsett tweeted: "Dear Sky Sports, it is not the A23/M23 derby. Or even a derby at all.

"Lots of love, literally every Brighton and Palace fan."

While Twitter fan page Albion Roar BHAFC, said: "Just your bi-annual reminder that Monday's match is not the A23 Derby, the M23 Derby, The A23/M23 Derby or a Derby.

"It is a game between two rivals, whose rivalry has now been well explained for the past half-decade."

And Palace fan account HLTCO tweeted about how outsiders do not understand the rivalry.

He said: "A full day of 'why do they even hate each other? Weirdest rivalry going,' awaits, and I for one, cannot wait.

"All I ever say about Palace v Brighton to neutrals is, if you ask a Palace fan which game matters most, they'll say, Brighton, ask a Brighton fan, and they'll say Palace.

"I don't care what people think of it, I know what I as a Palace fan feel about Brighton games."

The Seagulls take on fierce rivals Crystal Palace tonight in a Premier League match that, if they win, could see them climb to the top of the table.

The Eagles, however, will be wanting to spoil Albion's solid start to the season and try and close the gap between themselves and the teams in the top ten.

The two team's bad blood started in the late 1970s' when both teams were chasing promotion out of the third division. Since then, they have considered each other rivals.

The match between the two kicks off at 8pm tonight.