VICTORY at Crystal Palace on Monday evening sees the Seagulls quite incredibly heading up the Premiership League at the same time that Seagulls Women sit atop the women's League, the WSL.

What an amazing achievement for Brighton and Hove Albion and for our city. Well done indeed.

But it is not all good news. Seagulls Women, despite representing Brighton and Hove Albion, are mainly forced to play their league matches at Crawley, apparently because playing on the hallowed Amex turf risks damaging the playing surface. 

Strange how Crawley can maintain a more demanding match schedule yet still share their ground with Seagulls Women, while the big boys' team at the Amex can't.

If equality means anything it must surely extend to both genders playing matches at the Amex and this apparent discrimination eliminated.  Time for change here, I suggest. Give Seagulls Women a place at the top table as they plainly deserve. 

This must come eventually, just as votes for women did. 

Let's see the Seagulls Board leading in the vanguard for such positive change - innovate now and show our wonderful city and the world that Brighton and Hove Albion is a truly equal club in all it does - with women playing at the Amex all season. 

Keith Jago

Uplands Road