Marc Cucurella has revealed the unexpected welcome message he received from his Albion skipper.

The former Getafe left-back could make his second appearance at the Amex this evening when Arsenal visit.

He is enjoying his new life after settling into a home by the sea.

There were a few testing moments at Crystal Palace on Monday but generally he has looked at home on the pitch.

But there was one moment which took him aback a little, early in his debut at Brentford.

Cucurella has been filling in fans back in his native Catalonia about what life in Brighton is like.

He recalled his first meeting with fellow Catalan Sergi Canos, the Brentford winger.

Podcast presenter Gerard Romero was seemingly expecting to hear a cosy tale of hugs and handshakes.

But Cucurella said: “He elbowed me in the nose in about the fourth minute of the game.

“It could possibly have been a red card.

“First incident. It was a 50-50 ball, fifth minute of the game.

“I was down on the ground and over came our captain.

“Thirty years old, serious, has played for the club all his life – Dunky is his name – and he just said to me, ‘Welcome to the Premier League!’ That was it.”

Cucurella began life in Brighton in a hotel and was suitably horrified by the sight of an English breakfast.

He also revealed he was getting used to the weather after a couple of days of rain.

Speaking early this week, he added: “Since I’ve been here, I can’t complain.

“Lots of sunshine, 20 degrees, short sleeves, quite good.

“But now we’ve had two or three days of rain – and lots of wind.

“The windy weather kills me with my hair!”

As well as a gentle sea breeze, Cucurella will have to get used to the local wildlife, the seagulls.

He told how he heard a terrible noise outside his home at midnight and could not tell what it was.

Locals would probably guess it was seagulls ripping into rubbish bags which had been left outside the bin store, which was full.


Cucurella and family found that out to their horror when they went outside the next morning and found rubbish scattered.

He added: “Our hotel was next to the pier.

“On the first day, we were strolling, nice and calm, just looking around at what was there.

“Three women were coming the other way eating hot dogs.


“This seagull came down and stole the hot dog literally from her hand!

“Every time I go out, I make sure the seagulls don’t attack.”

Cucurella was impressed by the sustained efforts Albion made to sign him ahead of the transfer deadline.

And he has enjoyed the calm demeanour of Graham Potter, even if he does not understand everything that is said without the help of Bruno with translation.

He added: “I think he (Potter) is a very calm man. He always has a very positive mentality.

“It’s true I don’t understand that much that he says but he transmits confidence, security. He gives us a good feeling.

“I think he has created a group with a good atmosphere and that is one of the keys.

“I was very nervous when I got here but they welcomed me really well.

“The legend Lallana, the legend Welbeck, who are the most famous players, have been really good.

“They were like where was I going with that hair, how can I play football like that?

“I had to sing in English and I did Shallow by Lady Gaga.

“I put my phone on quiet to follow the melody so I didn’t get lost and it went well. They all said it was really good!”

Cucurella revealed there was one misunderstanding with the staff.

He said: “I tried to tell them that, in a couple of weeks, I’d be starting English classes.

“But they understood I had already been doing classes for two weeks.

“They were like, ‘What a professional, he has been preparing’.”

Asked which stadia he was looking forward to visiting, he replied: “The legendary ones. Anfield. (Former Getafe team-mate Carles) Alena told me the atmosphere was incredible when he went with Barca.

“Old Trafford and Chelsea as well - those three above all.

“People have also told me Tottenham is spectacular, that the stadium there is the best there is.”