ALBION have been ranked as the best team in the Premier League in terms of accessibility for disabled supporters.

Research that has analysed Premier League teams, their stadiums and how they tailor their offerings towards their disabled supporters and visitors with mobility issues who may need to use aids such as a stairlift or walking aid.

This has been done by comparing the accessibility features of each stadium and the ratings from visitors on TripAdvisor.

Albion ranked top of the table, above Southampton, Watford and Everton, who complete the best four. The worst three in the Premier League for accessibility for disabled people are Norwich City, Manchester United and Burnley.

The Amex Stadium was found to provide the highest percentage of wheelchair seats in the stadium. Albion provides 220 seats to wheelchair people out of the total 31,800 seats.

The club also offers accessible entrances, accessible lifts, accessible toilets, accessible ticket counters, wheelchair accessible viewing areas, descriptive audio commentary, assistive animals welcome, sensory suites, accessible parking and carer tickets.

The Argus: Albion are the most accessible team for disabled supporters in the Premier LeagueAlbion are the most accessible team for disabled supporters in the Premier League

Paul Camillin, the Head of Media and Communications at Brighton and Hove Albion, spoke about how important accessibility is to the club: "We are a community club and feel it is vital everyone feels welcome, regardless of any individual characteristic.

"We take great pride in making our stadium accessible and welcoming to all."

Fans of Albion are in good spirits at the moment as the team continues to impress this season, the goalless draw against Norwich City on the weekend meant the club are now fourth in the Premier League ahead of this weekend's game against Manchester City.