ALBION fans have expressed their anger about the Premier League fixtures over the upcoming festive football season.

Last night it was announced that certain Albion matches would be moved for broadcasting purposes. Albion's game at West Ham United will be on December 1 at 7.30pm, and Albion hosting of Spurs will be on December 12, at 2pm.

Wolves' visit to the Amex will kick off at 7.30pm on December 15.

There will then be an early start for the club as they kick off against Manchester United at 12.30pm on December 18. The most controversial fixture is Albion's game against Brentford at 8.00pm on Boxing Day, December 26.

On December 29, Albion will travel to London to take on Chelsea at 7.30pm. Albion then will not play on News Year's Day and instead play on January 2 against Everton.

Fans have not been encouraged by the news of the number of late fixtures, which will make travelling to games a bigger challenge.

One fan on Twitter said: "An 8pm kick off on Boxing Day at a stadium which relies on 90 per cent of the crowd travelling by public transport might just be the most idiotic decision that Sky Sports have ever made.

"What's the attendance going to be for that? 12,212 I reckon (announced as 31,231).

"I cannot get over the fact Sky think anyone other than Brighton or Brentford fans will be interested in watching that game live at 8pm on Boxing Day, 'f*** the Muppet Christmas Carol on ITV, get Brighton v Brentford on' says a family of four in Worksop."

Another fan said: "Absolute joke. No trains and holiday bus service to the a*** end of the city.

"If there are 5,000 in the stadium, I'd be surprised. And as for the away fans, they've no chance of getting there."

Football on Boxing day is a tradition in Britain as there is a history of games at Christmas rooted in medieval traditions and hard-fought workers rights that goes back before televised football.

One other Albion fan said: "Getting fans to the Amex for an 8pm kick-off on Boxing Day is going to be a logistical nightmare.

"There is Seagull travel, and I'm assuming park and ride, hopefully, but what about all the supporters who come further than Brighton and Hove."