Graham Potter says he hopes a Premier League player ‘comes out’ out as gay.

The Albion head coach believes the game has made progress in terms of increased inclusivity across the board.

He has backed Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign, which encourages people to speak up on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community.

Albion’s match at home to Leeds is their designated Rainbow Laces fixture.

Potter said of the campaign: “It’s vital, as a game, we should welcome everybody regardless of who they love.

“It’s a fantastic initiative and it’s something football needs to carry on working with because we have to carry on being welcoming for all.

“It’s an issue we speak about a lot regardless of sexuality, the colour of skin, religion, it should be a game for everyone.

“I am pleased that football is taking a step, there’s things we could do better.”

He added: “It’s educational, conversation, honesty, openness around the things that challenge people.

“The more that gets out in the open the better.”

Potter was asked whether a Premier League player would come out at some point.

He replied: “I hope so because that’s a part of the challenge.

“We’ve taken some steps but not enough.

“Historically and culturally it’s a very masculine, heterosexual environment.

“Thankfully the world is changing and people feel freer to be who they are regardless of their sexuality, but it’s not easy.

“We’ve had some stories recently where people have taken those steps.

“Not in this country but I believe there was a story in Australia.


“A big congratulations to him, the more conversations, initiatives like this, the greater the chance of that happening.”