Matt Upson expects a battle royal at set-pieces when Albion take on West Ham.

But he is surprised the Seagulls have not scored more often from such situations.

Both teams scored from corners in a 2-2 draw at the London Stadium almost a year ago.

West Ham have five set-piece goals this season compared to Albion's two.

But Shane Duffy alone has three in international football.

Upson, who played in central defence for both clubs, knows all about the battles of the giants as balls come in from wide.

He said: “It’s an interesting match-up.

“I think you are going to see two relatively physical teams in terms of set-pieces.

“When I think of how both of them play and how they set-up, especially Brighton, depending on who’s fit and who’s not, I think they are a real threat on set plays.

“Obviously West Ham themselves have really nailed that part of their game which is, across the season, hugely valuable.

“It’s boring, mundane stuff at times because it is so tactical and detailed and players taking responsibility.

“That is David Moyes’ main skill set for me.

“He is so organised and disciplined that people get on board and you’re seeing that in West Ham’s performances.”

Duffy and Lewis Dunk have both scored from set-pieces at West Ham in recent seasons.

But Upson believes Albion's big men under-achieve in that department.

He said: “I see them attack the ball.

“Duffy, who is one of the best attackers of the ball in the Premier League, should get more goals.

“They could improve their tally for sure.

“When you think Webster, Dunk, Burn, Duffy, they should be more of a threat.”

Albion have often played with a back three but switched to a two against Leeds.

They have various permutations but Dunk, who understudied Upson for two seasons almost a decade ago, has been a fixture in the side.

Upson said: “He has done really well. Forged his way into the England set-up for a bit of time.

“In terms of what he brings to Brighton, he’s outstanding.

“I think he suits the back three.

“They have got a really good system there that he knows.

“I think on the ball he is very good.

“His long range passing was always good.

“That was a key talent of his when he was 18, 19.

“He had a great range of passing and could play out from the back and was very comfortable on the ball.

“He has got two good centre-backs next to him who are quite physical.

“They are a very physical back three when you look at them.

“They are capable in the air especially.

“It’s just when they get faced up on the ground, that bit of mobility.

“I think that’s the biggest thing to look at with Brighton’s back three.

“When the ball is down the sides or around their feet, how they cope with that is more of a challenge to them.

“The different asset Ben White brought to that back three was his mobility and change of direction and pace, which isn’t the strength of the other centre-backs.

“Dan Burn copes brilliantly with how big he is.

“I think he is amazing, the way he moves, but he can still be a bit vulnerable in those one versus one situations.

“Ben was a bit more comfortable.”

Upson expects Albion to be tested physically by Moyes’ side.

He said: “The biggest things I think he brings are discipline and fitness.

“His biggest challenge when he first came to West Ham was making the players fit for how he wanted to play, the intensity for how he wanted to work.

“He’s the type of manager who can really demand that from the players and they respond.

“He is no-nonsense but has made good relationships with the players and they respect him.

“I think that is a huge battle but he appears to have got onside with the West Ham players and they have bought into it.

“They have all got better under that regime.

“We know how he plays. He can be quite direct.

“But they have got good players. They have recruited well.”

Upson says Albion’s unbeaten record against the Hammers in the Prem will count for nothing.

He added: “I can only talk personally. Every player is different.

“But I never, ever looked at those things and I never, ever knew.

“I didn’t give it any attention or care.

“The game’s the game. It’s there in the moment.

“What happened last season, what happened yesterday, is not important, let alone what happened five years ago.”

Amazon Prime Video will be broadcasting 20 Premier League fixtures this season featuring two full rounds of fixtures on the 30th November – 2nd December and 28th – 30th December, including Everton vs Liverpool and Manchester United vs Arsenal. Matt Upson will be part of the West Ham vs Brighton punditry team on December 1st.