ALBION manager Hope Powell has praised new signings Emma Kullberg and Julia Zigiotti for the depth and variety they will provide the squad.

The club announced the signings of the Swedish players, with Kullberg adding to the defence and Zigiotti will add to the midfield.

The duo will provide Powell with a larger squad, which will help as the club is recovering from a significant injury crisis from before Christmas.

She said: "Emma is a defender and can play anywhere across the backline, so that gives us some cover in all areas.

Julia is a midfield player. I know for BK Häcken, she played a bit more as a forward but generally a midfield player which adds more to the depth of our squad.

"They have not played in a while, but they did well with the fitness testing. We are trying to engage them with the team and get them familiar.

"They offer us a greater depth and some more variety which is a good thing.

"We are trying to bring them up to speed in training.

"We know that games will be the real test, and that is what is going to advance them even quicker in adapting to our league.

"We have to gently bring them in to ensure it is not a bit of a shock and they don't lose confidence, so we want them to play with freedom and fun, and we will get the best out of them."

The duo could make their debuts for the club on Sunday in the WSL when Albion take on Manchester City.

The manager did admit that the Scandinavian market is one that the club has looked at regularly due to its affordability.

Powell said: "To be brutally honest, I think sometimes it is affordability for us, we have a budget.

"We look at players far and wide, but sometimes players are not necessarily looking at us so it is quite a competitive market.

"We have seen players go to every other WSL club other than us that we have enquired about.

"So it is not that Scandinavia is better than other parts of the world it is about what you can actually get through the door with the budget that you have.

"I think with Emma and Julia we have done particularly well, and we are delighted to have them with us."