Thomas Tuchel says Albion have been handed a “huge” advantage - after complaining about a Tuesday night trip to the Amex.

The Chelsea boss delivered a series of moans about scheduling and injury risk after his side drew with the Seagulls almost three weeks ago.

This time he has argued the sides should meet on Wednesday rather than Tuesday.

He believes Albion are helped by the fact they played on Friday evening and his own team were in action on Saturday lunchtime, when they lost 1-0 at Manchester City.

Tomorrow’s match was shifted from February 8, when Chelsea will be at the Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi.

Chelsea and Albion do not play until Sunday this coming weekend, something which has not gone un-noticed in West London.

Tuchel said: “It is very hard to understand. It’s nothing to do with City, but there are three away games in a row.


"Both Brighton and we have our next game on Sunday, so there was no need to have it on a Tuesday.

“Actually, Brighton played on Friday so it makes a huge difference (in their favour) also. We have the schedule that we have.