Graham Potter is happy to put his faith in Alexis Mac Allister if Albion are awarded anther penalty today.

But he would rather they score without being put on the spot.

Mac Allister missed, then scored as he took two spot kicks at Wolves last week.

Potter joked: “I think I was thinking, ‘Oh no it’s another penalty, can’t we just score a goal without having a penalty?’.

“It was one of those moments. He was the designated penalty-taker and sometimes penalty-takers miss and they don’t want to take the next one.

“But because he did, okay, and knowing Alexis and his character I had trust and faith in him.

“But when you’re standing over there on the halfway line, you’re just hoping!”

Mac Allister has been one of the midfield successes of recent weeks.

Potter said: “We are so happy with him and how he has developed.


“Over the last six games he has played as a six, an eight, a ten.

“It highlights his understanding of the game that he can play in those positions and understand each role really well and execute really well.

“He is mature, he is a good guy.

“I think he can add goals from midfield.”