EVERY now and again, but fairly rarely, you realise you are watching or listening to something that is really special.

I was lucky enough to be at the Amex on Saturday for the Brighton and Hove Albion v Man Utd game.

I can honestly say this was probably the best I have ever seen the Albion play. They were simply superb.

As Argus Albion reporter Brian Owen said the 4-0 victory was not because Man Utd played really badly but was more to do with us not letting them settle into a rhythm or their normal style of play. We harried them, tackled, intercepted, blocked and anticipated.

I felt privileged and proud to be watching such a committed and skilful display and, like most of the home crowd, stayed behind afterwards to cheer and sing the team off the pitch.

A huge well done to the players and Graham Potter together with his coaching and support team. We must also never forget the part that our Chairman and Chief Executive have played in all this. Tony Bloom's generous, patient and insightful navigation of the club together with Paul Barber's intelligent and diligent stewardship have given us all the chance to watch quality football in a hugely impressive and well-appointed stadium.

Up the Albion!

Cllr Peter Atkinson


North Portslade