We always ask our panel of long-time Albion fans for their thoughts after a game.

But they had a bit more to say than usual after the demolition of Manchester United.

Here, they do the occasion justice. Fair to say none of them had ever seen anything quite like it.

What were your thoughts on Albion’s performance?

Colin Beales: If you’d have told me 25 years ago at Hereford that in 2022 we’d be outplaying the then Premier League Champions, Manchester United in our own 30k+ stadium comfortably winning 4-0 and deserving more, I’d have told you were mad. But that’s what happened. The Albion put in a near-perfect display in every way where I swear we would have beaten anyone. The defence solid, the midfield authoritative and the attacking relentless. Today was beyond the dreams of anyone who was there that fateful day and those wonderful fans who’ve come on board since. Another epic performance to add to our unique club history, one that will live long in the memory.

Tim Ayling: I’m not sure I have words to do it justice. They absolutely bossed United, who are still 6th despite their problems. It was a massacre and really could have been 6 or 7. What a night it was!

James Heasman: Another magnificent display by the Albion. Everyone played their part, and whilst pundits criticise the application of United, there can be no doubt, that this was largely due to the quality of Brighton. United were simply outclassed.

Vicki Rees: Wow. They finally did what they’ve been threatening to do to a number of teams this season. It could have been six or seven. OK: United were abysmal, but we made them that way with our pressing and movement.

Alan Brownings: Arguably the best Amex era performance, it had everything. Fast, attacking play, great one-twos and interchanges, and four brilliant goals. It was like watching Real Madrid!

A very tough question on this occasion but who was/were your pick of the Albion players?

Colin Beales: How can I pick one? This was not a game of any individuals but a team performance with every player contributing and playing at peak performance levels. Sorry to sit on the fence but that’s where I’m staying for this one.

Tim Ayling: Very hard, but Gross was man of the match for me. Everything he did worked out, and even pulled out a double Cruyff turn! Special mentions for Caicedo, Trossard and Welbeck too. Every player was at least an 8/10 though, so they all deserve a mention.

James Heasman: It is a tough question. Sanchez was superb and arguably played the best pass of the game, Caicedo continues to shine, and Cucurella is simply superb, but my man of the match is Pascal Gross who gave an exhibition of passing, clever flicks and a number of Cruyff turns (also known as Gross turns). Whilst he is likely to be on his way, he has been one of our best ever signings - pure quality.

Vicki Rees: A 9/10 all over the park, to be honest. It’s brilliant to see some of the less heralded players like Gross and March playing so well. But once again I find myself landing on Cucurella. Unbelievable in every area of his game.

Alan Brownings: Cucurella, man of the match and player of the season by some distance.

Will any particular moment or aspect stick out in your memory as you look back at the evening?

Colin Beales: So many moments, Caicedo’s first for the club, a five times Ballon d’Or winner left bemused at him and his team being out classed, Pascal doing the Gross turn repeatedly on Fred before backheeling to the passing Cucurella. I could go on, but for me seeing Cucurella’s face on smashing in his first for the club was the moment. His personal moment shared with the fans, I couldn’t be more pleased for him. He’s been an absolute pleasure to watch all season.

Tim Ayling: The atmosphere after the fourth went in was really special. I don’t think the Amex has been rocking like that since the Sheffield Wednesday play off semi-final. It feels like the team has come of age, with a fabulous blend of pace and power, and those three quick-fire goals was that being showcased.

James Heasman: The emotional Cucurella when he scored, the lap of honour by the players with a large number of our excellent support staying behind. What an evening!

Vicki Rees: Too many to count, but I can’t stop chuckling at the thought of a five-time Ballon d’Or winner getting booked for fouling Lewis Dunk out of sheer frustration. If anything summed up Albion’s total hold over United in the game - and how far we’ve come - it was that.

Alan Brownings: There was a spell in the first half where we had control of the ball in United box, we were knocking it in circles around them, and you just thought wow! The man who sits next to me has been supporting the Albion with his dad since 1972, as he left, he turned to me and said: “You won’t see that again.”