Graham Potter said he was happy to show fans another side of his character – after he led a chant outside the Amex.

The Albion boss was surrounded by supporters who were still celebrating the 4-0 win over Manchester United as he made his way to the car park last Saturday evening.

The call went up for Potter to give them a song.

To the fans’ surprise, Potter stopped, asked for quiet and then, after a dramatic pause, roared: “Seeeeguuuullllssss!”

It was a moment which will go into Albion fans’ folklore.


Put a silk scarf on his wrist and he could have easily passed for a terrace leader in the North Stand at the Goldstone back in the 1970s.

The moment quickly went viral on Twitter and was even shown at the club’s awards night on Monday.

In a light-hearted part of his pre-Leeds press conference yesterday, Potter told The Argus: “I couldn’t get back to my car. That was the only way so I had no choice, essentially!”


With a laugh, he added: “I am actually an all-right person, you know? I have got a bit of emotion now and again and I am quite good company if you spend it out of this situation, I’d like to think!

“My role is help the team and I have to try and be myself to help the team in the best way I can.

“I’ve always said I don’t think it’s good to show no emotion at all.

“I think I have shown emotion over the last three years and sometimes not in a good way.

“But after you beat Manchester United 4-0 and play the way we did and you see the supporters and you feel their frustration over a season and the home record, sometimes it’s nice to walk through them and act like a bit of an idiot!”