Tariq Lamptey asked to be left out of the latest England under-21s squad, boss Lee Carsley has revealed.

The Albion right-back is mulling over his international future but Carsley has not given up hope he will stay with the Three Lions.

Lamptey qualifies for Ghana through his parents and has been given time to make his decision.

Carsley said: “He’s had an approach. It’s something he’s considering at the minute.

“He’s asked to be left out of the squad for a bit of head space. He’s not switched, it’s not cemented or anything like that but he’s had an approach (from Ghana), we have to respect that.

“We’ve made it clear how important we see him to us. I know the seniors have as well.

“It’s not something that we’ve given up on. Tariq is fully aware of how important we see him.

“You have to treat each player as an individual. In my time while I’ve been head coach of the 21s, I don’t think we’ve had him available yet.

“I had him a couple of times when I was assisting before. I’ve seen what a talent he is. He’s got a lot of ability.

“We think really highly of him but ultimately it’s got to be down to that personal preference of not only where he sees it but where his family sees it as well.”

The squad for four Euro qualifiers includes Albion goalkeeper Carl Rushworth.

Lamptey has two under-21 caps having also played for the under-18s, under-19s and under-20s but Carsley understands he cannot force him to stay.

“You have to respect that as well,” he said. “We can only let them know when they’re on camp and off camp how important they are to us. We can never make any guarantees.

“I think it’s unfair in football to do that but I’ve had some really good conversations over the last few days with Tariq. He’s a very level-headed, sensible kid. It’s not like you can see him going one way one day and the next changing like the wind.

“We’ve definitely not given up on it but we have to respect that space as well. If head wise he’s not in a position where he feels he can play, then we have to respect that.

“To be fair, I have rang him every day! I probably shouldn’t have, I probably pushed him!

“You can only make it clear so many times. He knows where we stand with him. I think we have to respect now that he’s got a decision to make. Not only with himself, but with his family.”