Pakistan star Mohammad Rizwan has revealed why he felt at home from the moment he arrived at Sussex.

There was also one aspect of life with the county which took him aback.

But it is one he loved – and he hopes comes to fruition as the county look to the future.

Rizwan has parted company with the county after impressing with bat and in the field.

His final act turned out to be the unbeaten 76 which guided Sussex to their first win in the Championship in 14 months.

He limped through that one and sat out Friday’s defeat to Essex in the Vitality Blast.

But he stayed around to watch from the dugout before joining his fellow Sussex players to provide dozens of selfies and autographs and chat with fans long after the match.

Rizwan had an infectious enjoyment of the game, often smiling and joking while out in the middle.

And he says that reflected how he felt at Hove as the home county looked after him.

He told The Argus: “It was very good for me because of the facilities Sussex have given me.

“I am very surprised because when I came here, there are different things you will always be thinking about in your mind when you come across the world.

“Sussex have given me the love.

“The very first time they saw me, they said to me, ‘This is a prayer room for you – special’.

“So my heart is like I feel this is my home.

“Everywhere the guys have been great.

“Facilities like that everywhere, it’s beautiful.

“I can’t speak highly enough of the love they give us.”

Rizwan was aware he would have leadership responsibility as he came into a youthful team.

What he was not prepared for the approach being taken by the coaches.

The county have struggled for results and come under fire for their reliance on young players.

There is a flip side that some seniors who should be guiding the juniors through have not always done enough.

Rizwan thought he knew what to expect.

But he said: “I was surprised when I spoke to the coaches James Kirtley and Ian Salisbury and I asked was it difficult with guys we have.

“It is an inexperienced side and we were losing matches.

“The answer from the coaches, I am really surprised.

“The way they said, ‘Rizzy, I want to give players to England. Some people will criticise me because our team is losing’.

“But I liked the way they said they want to make players for England.

“Obviously we are looking to win for Sussex but, Inshallah (God willing), we will give more players to England. This is our big aim.

“I love the way the coaches approach it.

“We are inexperienced but all the time the coaches are positive.”

So is the talent actually there among the less experienced Sussex players?

Rizwan said: “Definitely there is talent. We are a bit lacking in fast bowling, I don’t know why.

“But we have some young talent here.”

Rizwan has enjoyed a first taste of Blast action, although he recognises The Hundred is becoming more prominent in some quarters these days.

He said of the Blast: “It’s my first time here. It’s a good competition, lovely facilities.

“It is now comparing with the top leagues in the world.

“Here there is the 100-ball league.

“The T20 Blast looks really beautiful, it is competitive, it’s hard because of good players against you.

“It’s the best league. Only one thing is not every game is telecast but I have heard there is live streaming on YouTube.”

Rizwan walked off as a Sussex player for the final time for now amid those celebrations at the end of the Derbyshire game.

He felt it was a significant moment.

“Every time when you come from the pavilion, in your mind is to go for the win for Sussex.

“When you are out of the tournament you play for your pride and for Sussex.

“From a child when we start cricket, no one can lose every time. Not just in cricket, in every job.

“If we are out it doesn’t matter because of the coaches’ mindset, I love it.

“It was proud for Sussex because we want to win every match.”

Rizwan was asked what he had learned from his time in England but felt it was more about helping others.

He said: “Here you are the overseas player and you will be sharing your thoughts, things about the way you play in other countries.

“I enjoyed sharing this with some other youngsters.

“It is my duty to prepare them to be players.

“To show the youngsters how you can play and how you can learn. I did this here.”

So will he be back?

He replied with a laugh: “If I am alive and if they want, I would always come back.

“I always enjoy it. I am very thankful for the ECB. They give us these facilities for players.

“I have spoken to other Pakistani players.

“They tell me in every county the ECB give us prayer rooms, everything they give us is fantastic.

“They give us opportunity, they give us love and I am thankful to the ECB.”