Allbion’s position regarding Marc Cucurella remained unchanged today – despite a report of a transfer request.

The update from Fabrizio Romano has been neither confirmed nor denied closer to Brighton.

It is likely to have come via those representing Cucurella - and is believed to be reliable. 

Romano wrote on Twitter: “Marc Cucurella has just handed in a transfer request at Brighton. No agreement between Manchester City and Brighton on the price, negotiations are difficult but still ongoing.”

Albion’s stance will remain the same - that Cucurella remains under a long contract with them and they have no desire or need to sell him to anyone.

The Seagulls will consider the matter to end there until they receive a bid which meets their valuation, believed to be in excess of £50 million.

Such a scenario appears some way off today.

Cucurella's two performances so far in pre-season have been exemplary and he has been a smiling, cheerful presence in pictures and videos published by the club through their online platforms.