Graham Potter says Marc Cucurella takes most of the credit for breaking a world record.

But he believes the chance to play in preferred, and different roles, has given him a full chance to show his skills on the Premier League stage.

The result has been interest from two of the Prem’s biggest, best and richest teams.

An offer from Manchester City of £30 million would have been considered pretty extraordinary when he first arrived at the Amex.

That was nowhere near enough, as it turned out. Not even halfway there.

Cucurella has become the world’s most expensive full-back as he signs for Chelsea in a deal worth in excess of £60 million.

That represents an amazing increase in value given he is believed to have cost about £15 last summer.

Potter was asked how that was possible.

Was it down to the staff, the player or just the high profile of the Prem?

The Albion head coach said: “He was playing left midfield for Getafe but his background has always been as a full-back.

“Obviously, we have played him at left wing-back, left-back and left centre-back.

“I think the latter two help him more, left-back and left centre-back, because he is better coming from deep.

“I suppose tactically as soon as you can play as a left centre-back, then your value increases, I would say. But that’s all, really.

“The main thing is it’s Marc coming in, he was a breath of fresh air from the start, played with great enthusiasm, great person in the dressing room, everyone liked him.

“He did his best, tried hard and the credit is always to the player.

“The player is always the one who is out there, the one who has to take responsibility, the one who has to play the game.

“He has earned his opportunity.”

Albion were very alive to Cucurella’s availability last summer when other clubs could have had him for what now looks a bargain price.

Something of a mini-saga ensued but the deal always looked on course and was duly completed on deadline day.

Potter said assistant head of recruitment Kyle Macaulay played a big role in securing Cucurella’s signature.

Asked about competition for the player at that time, he said: “I think there was interest.

“We paid the release clause in full so we committed a lot and signed a five-year contract so we believed in him a lot.

“Credit to the recruitment team. Kyle especially was very strong with him.

“So we had confidence it was going to work out for us.

“You never know but we had confidence just because of the personality and the character.

“I spoke about that when he came, that was the thing that impressed us most about him.

“When you say the numbers, it is a fantastic story.”

Albion were always aware Yves Bissouma may well depart during the current transfer window.

They believe they prepared well in advance to cope with that.

But the departure of Cucurella does not appear to have been in their script for the summer.

Potter said: “We didn’t want to sell him and we didn’t need to sell him.

“At the same time, you understand if a Champions League comes with Champions League resources and finance and the player indicates there is a desire to do it, it is a very difficult for us.

“We have to make sure we get the right fee.

“I think the right fee has been got and it’s another situation where everyone has won.

“The player has got a great opportunity, the selling club have got a good fee and the buying club have got a good player as well.

“So win, win, win all around.

“Marc was a fantastic player for us. He is a great guy and I like him a lot.

“I wish him well and we move forward as a group.”